Hello, boys and girls! How are you this morning?
I hope you are great and that you are ready for some work!

I have a new friend.

Would you like to meet her?
This is her picture and her letter.
1. Preberi Sandrino pismo in bodi pozoren na besede, ki so zapisane krepko!

Hi, friends! 
My name’s Sandra and I live in Hilltown. Hilltown is in the south of England. It isn’t a very big town
There are about thirty shops in Hilltown and there are three supermarkets. You can buy everything in the town what you need. There are two banks and a post office, there is a police station and a library, too.
There is a big market where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables. I like going to the market with my mum.
There are three churches in the town and there is a park, too. In the park children can play because there is a playground
In our town you can find some restaurants and there are five cafés. My favourite café is Icecave. The ice cream is fantastic here!
There are five schools in Hilltown. Next to our school there is a sports centre. Every Wednesday afternoon we play badminton.
If you want to see a film you can go to the cinema in our town, but there aren’t any theatres here.
I like living in Hilltown because it is small and people are friendly.

2. Zdaj pa ustno odgovori na spodnja vprašanja. Odgovore poišči med besedami, ki so v besedilu zapisane krepko.

1. Where can you buy fresh fruit and vegetables?

2. Where can you play with your friends?

3. Where can you watch a movie?

4. Where can you learn new things?

5. Where can you buy milk, bread, meat and other things?

6. Where can you get some money?

7. Where can you eat and drink something?

8. Where do you go when you need help?

9. Where can you buy a letter or a postcard?

10. Where can you borrow a book?

3. Odpri učbenik na strani 84 in poslušaj posnetek. Ob poslušanju s prstom pokaži stavbe na sliki.

4. In še tvoja zadnja naloga. Odpri zvezek, z rdečo barvo napiši naslov IN TOWN, prepiši in prevedi besede iz naloge UČB str, 84/5.
 Če želiš, da bo tvoj zvezek še lepši lahko nekaj stavb tudi narišeš.

Za danes si končal. Lep dan ti želim.


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